Location and premises
We are located on representative business park 'de Wetering' in Sassenheim, close to the A44. Ideally situated between the (air & sea)ports of Schiphol (approx. 15 minutes) and Rotterdam (approx. 30 minutes).
There is sufficient parking and maneuvering space for visitors and trucks.
We have over 7000 m2 of storage space at our disposal and the building has a height of almost 9 meter. Our premises has a burglar and fire alarm system, access-control and outside of opening hours we have surveillance by a security company.
Well trained and enthusiastic staff work with state-of-the-art equipment, such as reachtrucks of Still and our Warehouse Management System WICS, which is approved by Customs.

Customs formalities
Fuji Logistics has various customs licences. For doing customs clearances, we use the Sagitta Import & Export Program. Because we are directly connected to electronic im- & export program of customs, we can do the customs clearance from Sassenheim from any desired location. So the customer can have access on a very fast and appropriate manner to its goods or can make it available.
We also connected to the NCTS program of customs (TRANSIT), so we can transport goods even if they are  still under customs control.

We know the international rules of the tax and customs offices and we gladly take over this matters of our customers.

Clik here for more information on customs clearances (Dutch).

Storage of goods
In Sassenheim Fuji Logistics has its own customs warehouse type C.
All incoming an doutgoing shipments should be included in the inventory records.
Physical inspection by Customs is partially replaced by a review of our administration as the  warehouse owner.
We can offer you the option to store your goods (temporarily or for a longer period) at our customs licensed warehouse in Sassenheim.
Here products can be treated (i.e. (re)packing and sorting) without the payment of duties and taxes. Only when the goods leave our warehouse, the taxes need to be paid or a transit document must be made.

The advantages of storage at a customs warehouse:
A cash flow- en advantage on interest.
 No duties or VAT needs to be paid for these goods:
 - After selling it to another EU country of EVA-country
 - When selling goods to a non-EU country there are no duties to be paid;
Unlimited storageperiode;
The declaration of the clearance of goods will be done in the first week of the following month;
Less intervention of Customs;

Fiscal representation
Fiscal representation can be of importance to companies situated outside of the Netherlands.
With Fiscal representation these companies can are allowed not to pay VAT.
Fiscal representation is of interest to foreign entrepeneurs who want to distibute via The Netherlands.
After the clearing of goods they become the free status and customs is not involved anymore. Therefore the goods can be stored and or transported swift.

We represent various companies as their Fiscal Repressentative.
Call us if you want to know more.

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