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The Company's Philosophy
Corporate Mission
We, Fuji Logistics Europe B.V, pledge as responsible corporate citizens in a global society to strengthen our trust with communities.
Our mission is to:
Contribute to prosperity
Encourage creativity and realize the logistics innovation to meet the diversifying needs of our customers
Seek harmony with the environment

Management Policy
To fulfill our mission, we are committed to:
Customer Satisfaction and Expectation - With innovative technologies and a dedication to customer service, we strive to satisfy the needs of our customers and anticipate their future requirements
Growth and Profitability - We are committed to grow as a firm, sustaining responsible operations and profits. In doing so, we can share these benefits with our stockholders, our corporate members, and the societies in which we live
Individuality - People are the source of our strength. We respect individuality and challenge one another to realize our full potential

Quality Policy
We, Fuji Logistics Europe B.V. systematically and continuously supply to the customers our logistics services to be satisfied.
We, Fuji Logistics Europe B.V. continuously improve our quality control systems and processes in order to make our logistics services more satisfied.

Quality Guideline
We regard quality as important, improve customer satisfaction and perform the following for realizing president policy:
We standardize our working method
We perform surely according to the standardized way
We verify and record the result and combine them to continual improvement 

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